GÜ (Noble Foods)

Gü puddings appeal to one's sense of self-indulgence. As part of a sampling campaign, a leaflet was produced that raised awareness of the product, positioning it as an 'everyday luxury'. A money off coupon encouraged people to try products from the range and awareness was drawn to the Gü Puds Facebook page.

The reverse of the leaflet is a recipe card to encourage memorability of the brand and as a prompt to a repeat purchase. The reader is encouraged to visit the Gü website to watch a video of the Gü chef preparing the recipe. The leaflet was designed to add a touch of decadence and sophistication: we used a knock-out matt varnish on top of the black to create a subtle floral pattern, while gold-coloured typographic fleurons added elegance.

Gü leafletGü leaflet (back)

Gü sampling leaflet with recipe and coupon
(For iD Experiential)